Why choose… how to make detox tea to lose weight

Maybe your digestion is a little sluggish lately.

how to make detox tea to lose weight

​Here’s what I mean…

Summer gatherings and holiday parties lead us into consuming a few more drinks than we normally would on average.

And the food…

​…goodness gracious, the food.

By and large, one big reason many choose how to make detox tea ​to lose weight ​regimen is because of fat. 

 Not just any old fat, but a little belly fat.

We’re told incessantly that we can’t “spot reduce” fat without exercise.

Therefore, a “flat tummy” cleanse seems like the ticket.

​There’s just one problem…

This inevitably leads to marketing and misinformation.

After all, who wouldn’t like a flatter abdominal area? We’re all ripe to be sold a product just for that.

​Here’s the main issue with that…

So is it all bunk?

​Fortunately, there’s a simple solution…

The thing is, you can detox with herbal teas.

how to make detox tea to lose weight

However, some research is in order.

I’ve done quite a bit already.

​But that’s not all… 

​It gets better…

Today, let’s get the scoop on “teatoxing”…

…otherwise known as a cleanse done with a detoxing tea.

​Instantly Slim?

How to Make Detox Tea to Lose Weight …

​And Social Media

The new social media celebrity has no need for agents or auditions. They don’t even have to greet their competition face to face.

3d smartphone with social media icons

And if they do, they’re sure to tell you that they had the edge, the confidence, thanks to their teatox.


…where the physically fit and beautiful have finally found a place to acquire a personal fan base.

Talented selfie-takers with the ability to frame their lives in a picture-perfect way captivate millions daily.

Did you know that once they have a following, they don’t have to post for free?

One of the ways in which they get paid is through hawking products.

Some are clever enough to make this rather inconspicuous – think, “really subtle product placement.”

Other ads are much more obvious and ubiquitous.

Detox teas, once barely registering in our collective consciousness, are now all over the place.

Young, gorgeous social media celebrities don’t just get paid to sell them.

social media celebrities

Some own stake in these companies.

I tell you that so that you’re better able to consider the source.

The broccoli industry does not pay me to tell you that vegetables are wonderful.

But to be fair…

…I do recommend products I trust which are relevant to the topics we discuss.

So you see, this isn’t a hit piece about social media stars.

It’s purely about figuring out what works, and the best ways to be healthy.

These detox teas are not it​!

Here’s why.

1. Many contain laxatives. The overwhelming majority of detox teas advertised to us on social media contain a little something called Senna.

It’s a naturally-occurring, plant-based ingredient that’s commonly used in OTC laxatives.

That’s right – it’s not like a laxative, it is a laxative.

It’s irritating to the stomach lining and stimulates a bowel movement.

woman with irritating stomach

And because it’s a laxative, it can dehydrate you.

Not exactly the glowing visage you’re expecting after a detox, huh?

Should you decide to drink these teas anyway, stay home!

The cramping and unpredictability of when you’ll have to “go” make them more than inconvenient.

Finally, in the long-term, the constant elimination can cause a serious potassium deficiency.

This not only makes you weak and tired but aggravates your bowels further.

For that reason alone, it’s not a safe option for a regular “cleanse”.

2. Results are not lasting. Yes, when you’re dehydrated, your stomach is indeed flatter.

But the moment you eat and drink normally again – even if very healthy – these effects go away.

Moreover, you pay a price for the flat stomach.

flat stomach on woman

Young women have reported weight loss during these teatoxes, but not because it’s so natural and effective.

Irregular periods, loss of appetite, and severe cramping, along with diarrhea, lead to unhealthy weight loss.

From a marketing perspective, it’s devilishly clever.

With the dehydrating effect, you get fast results.

Losing pounds in just two days makes you think it must be worth it, you must keep it up.

Women who have a special event drawing near are especially prone to this line of thinking.

What does it matter if it’s temporary?

But I maintain that yo-yo dieting, where you lose and regain weight, is among the most damaging “health” practices.

In the first place, it’s bad for your heart.

This doesn’t just apply to the overweight and obese!

It’s even worse for women typically in a normal weight range who consistently drop and regain ten or more pounds.

They are over three times more likely to die of a sudden cardiac event.

Aside from that, such habits seriously mess with your hormones

This can actually lead to weight gain in all the wrong places, once your detox is over.

3. They cost more than they’re worth. I examined the four best-selling detox teas and cleansing teatox programs advertised on Instagram, so you don’t have to!

Here’s the breakdown:

All four give the option of either a two-week regimen or a four-week regimen.

Three out of four also involve drinking two different blends daily.

​“uh, what?”

In those cases, you’re getting two kinds of tea, no matter the length of your detox.

  • Note: Some instructions indicate that you are to drink one of the teas only every other day. So getting a 28-day supply of two teas doesn’t mean you’re getting 56 servings.

The average price of a two-week cleanse is roughly $30.

A four-week regimen is intended to present itself as a better value, running from $35-$50 on average.


​Think about this…

​A 14-day cleanse can grab you anywhere from 14 to 28 servings of tea for $30. 

cup of high-quality tea will cost 20 to 40 cents, according to market.

But not so with these teas!

The cost breakdown associated with these teatox companies is way above what’s normal and acceptable.

A two-week supply can cost you from $1.07 to $2.14 per serving.

But wait!

​This is important…

Are they putting in ingredients that are super rare and just worth more?

For one, all four of these brands put Senna in at least one of the teas you receive.

Some reserve the Senna for nighttime use, so you can spend the night on the toilet, instead of the work day.

woman sitting on toilet

Senna is in Ex-Lax, so no, it isn’t rare or costly.

Other than that, commonly used ingredients include dandelion, mint, rosemary, fennel, and green tea.

All of which is good, but available in higher quality and lower price elsewhere.

The bottom line – and I know it’s harsh – is that these products are a rip-off.

Want a flatter tummy? 

Eat more fiber.

Want to go on a healthier tea cleanse that will support your organs’ natural detoxing abilities?

Then keep reading, because all is not lost.

​Three of the Best herbs for…

How to Make Your Own Detox Tea ​for ​Weight Loss

1. Milk Thistle. Milk Thistle isn’t just a detoxing herb, it’s a profoundly healing one.

It’s commonly used to help reverse liver damage due to alcohol and certain medications.

In fact, it’s also beneficial to those who have undergone a liver transplant.

The liver is the largest and arguably most important organ we have.

It’s our own personal detox machine

But has evolution equipped the liver to deal with our enhanced use of pesticides and other pollutants?

That’s a tough question to answer.

Therefore, you must do your best to alleviate the strain of processing so many toxins.

Milk thistle (named as silymarin in some ingredients lists) is among the very best.

Milk thistle may even block certain toxins from attaching to liver cells.

milk thistle

​Milk Thistle

On top of that, milk thistle contains vitamins E and C, both antioxidant, as well as many minerals.

It’s beneficial not just to detoxers, but those managing type II diabetes and high cholesterol.

Milk thistle is plentiful and easy to grow in the right conditions.

As a result, it’s quite inexpensive and easy to find.

Alvita’s organic variety – Shop now at Amazon.com claims its traditional use is to reduce gas and bloating.

Those are two side effects that, coincidentally, you may suffer from when you overpay for a senna tea cleanse.

Alvita’s also prices out at a very reasonable 35 cents per bag.

Similarly, Buddha Teas – Shop now at Amazon.com offers organic milk thistle tea for 38 cents per serving.

You can drink it daily.

The earthy taste may not be delicious, but you can improve this with lemon – another ingredient your liver loves.

2. Burdock Root. What inspires you to go on a cleanse in the first place?

For many, it’s the effects of a lax diet and poor digestion showing up on their faces.

If this triggers your impulse to detox, consider using burdock root.

fresh burdock root

​fresh burdock root

Burdock root is good, natural medicine for the lymphatic system, and has been for centuries.

Generally, we drink lots of water and get good, blood-pumping exercise to cleanse the lymphatic system.

And when it’s not enough, burdock can aid in flushing remaining toxins.

If hormonal imbalance may be to blame for your feelings of toxicity, again, burdock root is the right choice. 

Here, burdock root aids the liver in metabolizing excess hormones, which can encourage balance.

Like milk thistle, it contains antioxidant vitamins C and E.

While both taste earthy, burdock has a certain bitterness that is a sure sign it’s good for the liver.

Also, burdock root tea can have diuretic effects.

Therefore, be sure to constantly rehydrate and eat whole foods with plenty of minerals.

Fruits and vegetables are essential to any cleansing regimen.

My favorite burdock tea is the classic Yogi DeTox formula – Shop now at Amazon.com.

yogi detox tea

Pricewise, this deal ends up costing you around 20 cents per tea bag.

It also contains dandelion, cinnamon powder, clove, and juniper berry.

I notice that this tea definitely keeps me from overeating or snacking excessively.

Not to mention, the blend tastes better than tea made from the solitary root.

3. Red Clover. Red clover has long been a cure for many symptoms of menopause.

Specifically, hot flashes!

It contains many plant estrogens that can be valuable for maintaining and rebuilding bone density, too.

So for those approaching or undergoing The Change, red clover is my detoxing pick.

It helps to stimulate the liver into producing more bile.

Bile in and of itself is rather unpleasant to most, but it’s bile that helps us process fat.

red clover herb

​red clover herb

Additionally, red clover – Shop now at Amazon.com is great for circulation.

Any detoxing or cleansing one does can only be enhanced by improving circulation.

For this reason, it may also be effective in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Still, red clover is not for everyone.

Do not take it if you’re pregnant or on hormonal birth control, and avoid it if you take blood thinners.

Like other healing herbs, red clover grows practically everywhere.

It’s actually more probable that you’d find it in your backyard, as opposed to the grocery store.

Since modern lifestyles haven’t made us the greatest a​t identifying and gathering natural remedies, you can buy it online.

Again, Buddha Teas – Shop now at Amazon.com and Alvita – Shop now at Amazon.com have come through with organic herbals at a totally reasonable cost.

But for those into loose herbs, you can get a fabulous deal on an entire pound of red clover blossoms – Shop now at Amazon.com.

Just pour boiling water over them, let steep, and strain out the blossoms.

​BONUS: Best Foods for a…​​​​​

Homemade Weight Loss Cleanse

If only it were as easy as fixing a cup of tea!

tea pots and cups of tea

Going on a cleanse never means that you have to fast, and I definitely never recommend a crash diet.

Intermittent fasting may be a good way to reset your body, but you still must eat every day.

So what can you eat that won’t negate your detox efforts?

I’d choose from the following:

  • Asparagus 
  • Lemons 
  • Beets 
  • Avocado 
  • Carrots 
  • Almonds  
  • Bananas 
  • Seaweed
  • Apples
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Beans 
  • Berries 
  • Artichokes 
  • Broccoli 
  • Fennel 
  • Kale
  • Collard greens
  • Oats
  • Onions
  • Garlic

As you can see, you can do more than salad.

Make a nourishing fennel and carrot soup or zesty roasted asparagus with lemon.

And have you ever tried a beet sandwich?

Yeah, I went there.

Okay. That’s all I got today on…

​How to Make Detox Tea to Lose Weight

Like many wellness methods, the territory surrounding detoxing with tea is riddled with landmines.

No matter how good the model looks, think twice before buying a hot new teatoxing blend.

As we found out today, many contain laxatives that keep you locked in the bathroom with cramps.

As a weight loss method, it isn’t sustainable. 

The results are temporary, and it’s tough on your hormones and gut.

Not to mention, you’re paying at least double what the product is worth.

Save money and protect your body by choosing basic herbs that are known to support natural detoxification.

Okay, I want to know – have you ever bought a teatox you saw on social media?

What kind of side effects did you experience?

Have you ever made tea from the herbs we talked about today?

Tell us… have you ever made a homemade juice cleanse weight loss?

Leave everyone a comment and let us know how you like to detox.

​Talk soon.