Strong-Active-Life is a concept project I wanted to try and put together. As I continually navigate the tons and tons of information on exercise, dieting, nutrition I kept finding that most of the information was geared to the prime demographic of those very young people who were already active. At that time I was just over-40 range and found most of it did not work and did not apply very well to my situation. I’ve now reached the over-50 range and have found that the challenges

The articles written here will be come by very honestly. There will be consultations, interviews with experts, and a lot of personal advice from being a living example. It’s not easy to be active while combating chronic back pain for no reason. It’s not easy meeting those personal fitness goals like you did 20 years ago when you should have chased them. But we do it, and we keep doing it because it pushes our boundaries a little further back, keeps us going a little longer, and makes our days a lot brighter.

These articles are our journeys. I hope to have multiple writers providing lots of benefits to as many as we can reach so we all may live a stronger, active life!

Michael D. Donahoe