Have you ever had a big event coming up, and thought, “I need to lose 20 pounds by next week?!” How to lose weight fast naturally can be your answer… 

A lot of us have been there. However, we know that, that kind of weight loss in the span of a week is basically impossible. Not to mention… dangerous. 

how to lose weight fast naturally

So, we’ll aim for five pounds instead, right? Except that usually comes right back within weeks of meeting our goal… If that. 

Today, we’re tackling a tricky, sticky subject.

How do we lose weight?

Is there any way we can learn how to lose weight fast naturally?

How much is too much?

Are there any weight loss methods we should avoid? 

Want the answers to these 4 questions? 

Then you must keep reading… 

​Why Lose Weight?

To begin, it’s important that you get clear on the reason – or reasons – why you want to lose weight.

Not only is this essential to goal-setting, but keeping it in mind can be incredibly motivating.

And yes, it is possible to pursue weight loss for the wrong reasons.

Before we go any further, I would suggest you take a good look at why it is you think you need to lose weight. 

The following are the top terrible reasons to try and lose pounds in a hurry.

Embark on a weight loss journey because of these, and you’re less likely to be successful in the long run.

  • ​​To please someone else.  Often, people will reference their significant other’s preferences when asked why they want to lose weight. However, parents are just as guilty. The truth is, if someone is making you feel bad about yourself, that feeling won’t leave with the extra pounds.  
  • ​​To have a certain feature you saw somewhere else.    

    Visible collarbones, slim calves, and thigh gaps. Many of us see photos of people who have these features, and experience an instant longing. But losing weight is no guarantee you’ll ever have that feature. We all differ in our bone structure, and how our weight distributes itself.  

  • Because you want to be desired. Do you feel as though someone will like you better if you lose weight? Then they’re the weight you need to lose. Alternatively, if you feel like losing weight will attract people, remember that people of every size deserve friendship and love. 
  • Because you have a negative perception of overweight people.  True, there are many drawbacks to being overweight. But a person  exists under that weight. Do you find yourself judging overweight people as “gross” or “lazy”? Are you trying to lose weight because you fear those judgements coming back on you? 

Ultimately, many of the wrong reasons are due to emotional and psychological impacts.

Also, we have the purely aesthetic reasons, like getting a thigh gap. Weight loss is not a healthy way to address these issues. 

That said, there are plenty of great reasons to lose weight!

Just check out all of the benefits of being at a healthy weight – whatever that is for your body.

  • A decreased risk of numerous diseases. Losing just 5-10% of your body fat can decrease your risk of heart disease. Additionally, you can reduce your risk of various cancers. Furthermore, conditions like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease can be reversed when you lose weight. 
  • Better sleep. We need sleep in order to produce and regulate appetite-modulating hormones. When we adopt healthy weight loss strategies, we can get better sleep, which will help us stabilize our hunger signals. Also, unhealthy, obesity-promoting foods can disrupt sleep. 
  • Easier breathing. People who maintain a healthy weight might experience milder seasonal allergies. On top of this, you’ll be less likely to snore or experience sleep apnea. That’s better sleep plus better blood oxygenation, the benefits of which are endless. 
  • More energy! Aren’t you tired of being tired? Less weight means less stress on muscles and bones, which means less pain and more energy. Without the extra weight, you won’t tire out as easily. In the end, this means you can lose more weight by staying in motion! 
  • Believe it or not, more money. Overweight people do not necessarily spend more money on food. In fact, obesity-causing processed foods can be cheaper than healthier options. But illness, disability, and lost wages associated with your weight really add up
  • A positive influence. Want the people you love the most to enjoy the benefits of a healthy weight? Then lead by example. Instead of criticizing one another, share a happy, healthy lifestyle.  ​​Bring your kids into the kitchen to help prepare healthy meals, or enjoy more outdoor activities with your partner. What better way to enjoy a longer, happier life together? 

​The WORST Ways to Lose Weight Fast

So, you want to lose weight for all the right reasons

Now, you just need a plan to put into action.

Here’s another factor that could end up being a real speed bump to progress. 

When you choose the wrong weight loss path, you could be damaging your health. You could be fooled into using methods which not only don’t lead to weight loss, but cause weight gain.

Finally, your bad choice could impart results that just don’t last. 

Take it from me…

Fast is not better than lasting!

Sure, we all want to know how to lose weight fast naturally and permanently, but these tips are not it:

  • ​​Liquid Diet.A liquid diet takes numerous forms. The Master Cleanse, “slimming” tea. smoothies only, or juice only. Sometimes, you’re told to eat just one meal a day, and keep the rest liquid. This might be okay for a day or so, but beyond that, it can become problematic.  This type of calorie restriction, plus a lack of fiber, can slow down your metabolism and mess with your digestion. Not to mention, you’re going to gain back what you lost as soon as you stop the “diet”. This is not how to lose weight naturally at home remedy fast.
  • ​​Cabbage Soup Diet. ​This fifty-year old fad diet is still kicking, it seems. However, this kind of calorie restriction should have been left behind in the last century. Eating just one or two different foods means you are missing essential nutrients found elsewhere.  And that says nothing of macronutrients. This diet is missing protein and fat. Your body needs these macros to function optimally. By skipping them, you could be throwing your hormones off. Again, this can impact metabolism and impede true, lasting weight loss. ​ 
  • Fasting.A lot of people who fast do so for spiritual reasons, or in protest. But those who do it to lose weight are the ones who need to rethink their strategy. If you want to lose muscle and burn calories very slowly, stop eating. Yes, that’s correct. Fasting flips the switch on your body and tells it to hang onto any future calories like they’re gold. It makes you weaker, and sets you up to instantly gain the weight back. 
  • ​​The Baby Food Diet.Honestly, it’s unbelievable to me that a fitness expert would recommend this. It involves replacing two meals a day with a jar of baby food. This provides too few calories, can lack fiber, and is very unsatisfying.  It should go without saying that your caloric needs, even while losing weight, differ from an infant’s. Not to mention, chewing food helps us feel satisfaction. This is why baby food and liquid diets make so many people miserable, and are tough to stick to.  

​The Fast Track to Natural Weight Loss

I know what you’re thinking – don’t traditional methods for weight loss take too long?

After all, we want to know how to lose weight fast naturally.  

It’s a valid concern.

It can take a long time if you transition slowly.

But when you follow all of these tips to the best of your ability, starting right now, you might surprise yourself.

You can lose several pounds this week, and we’re not talking water weight. 

1. Fiber

Some years ago, I began a plant-based diet.

This is when the extra weight really began to come off.

But when I took a close look at the number of calories I was consuming, nothing was different.

Eventually, I understood that all of that plant fiber was a huge factor in my weight loss success.

Not only was I more satiated, but insoluble fiber was reducing the amount of food that ended up as fat.

If you want to lose weight, get in your organic whole grains.

Nuts, beans, and even potatoes fill us up without leading to excess fat storage. 

2. Gut Health

You’re never going to be happy with your midsection if you aren’t digesting food properly.

Furthermore, it’s impossible to balance all of your hormones if your gut bacteria are out of whack. 

Begin eating more probiotic foods.

This will make you better able to tell when you’re full.

You’ll also reduce inflammation, which is associated with weight gain.

Preliminary animal studies support the idea that less inflammation can mean greater weight loss.

3. Mindful Eating

When we’re almost too busy to eat, the assumption is that we might lose weight.

However, the opposite may be true.

We shovel in what we can, when we can, with little regard for how we’re feeling and what it is we’re chewing. 

Mindful eating will completely change how you enjoy your food – because you’ll actually get to enjoy it.

At long last, you’ll have slowed down enough to listen to your body when it says, “That’s enough.”

This not only prevents overeating, but helps you build a healthy relationship with food.

Overeaters and chronic dieters alike could benefit from taking time to appreciate the smell, taste, and texture of their food. 

4. Intermittent Fasting

Starvation diets will never be an effective, healthy way to lose weight for good.

But some people may benefit from intermittent fasting.

This is where all of the day’s eating takes place in an 8-10 hour window. 

If your gut and metabolism are receptive to this method, the eating portion should take place during the day.

Intermittent fasting works with your circadian rhythm. So for instance, eat only between the hours of 10am and 6pm, or 9am and 7pm. 

Please speak to a doctor first if you’re pregnant, have low blood pressure, or diabetes.

5. Healthy Swaps

Make a whole slew of healthy swaps this week, and the weight will start coming off in the blink of an eye.

Cook instead of eating out.

Saute instead of deep frying.

Use Greek yogurt in place of sour cream.

Use fresh, whole fruit in place of juices, syrup, sugar, candy, or any other sweet.

Try chickpea pasta – check price, instead of semolina. 

Pop up some popcorn instead of eating potato chips. 

Skip red meat altogether for leaner proteins.

Before you take a single bite, ask yourself if there’s a healthier version.

6. Support

Ultimately, one big reason we gain weight is that we’re not really paying attention to what we’re doing.

These days, it’s easy to find a number of great apps and other tech that can help you stay accountable.

Of course, you don’t need to be into tech.

Keep a food diary, and wear a simple pedometer.

One of the main reasons we don’t stay the course is that we lose interest, or get distracted.

Stay engaged with your plan.

Set alerts and reminders, join a community, or ask someone to join you!

7. Exercise

When it comes to weight loss, diet will always be more important than exercise.

But building muscle can help us burn more fat!

If you’re not a regular exerciser, start slow to avoid injury. Begin taking daily walks and jumping rope. 

If you already ​do aerobics, cardio, or yoga, add in some strength training.

Trust me… you won’t get bulky.

Just having muscle means you’ll burn more calories.  

​My conclusion on…

​​How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally

If there were a fast, effortless way to lose weight, obesity would be pretty scarce.

But as it stands, most of us need to lose a few.

We shouldn’t be striving for magazine-worthy looks, or forcing our bodies to do things they cannot.

But losing weight reduces our risk of disease. 

Additionally, when we lose weight, we can enjoy:

  • Better sleep 
  • Higher energy levels 
  • Lower medical bills 
  • Fewer respiratory problems 

And so much more!

But we must commit until it simply becomes second nature.

Lose-weight-quick schemes aren’t a reliable way to actually lose fat long term.

They just remove fluid, make us grumpy, and slow down our metabolisms.

How did you lose the weight?

Do you have ideas concerning how to lose weight fast naturally?

What’s the craziest diet you’ve ever tried?

​Weigh in below!