I was very surprised to read this study by Cochran which stated that memory supplements have no effect in prevention of dementia or cognitive ability. I found this odd since I myself take them daily and I notice a distinct difference if I don’t start my day with a large dose of B12 versus the days I don’t. Is it just a placebo effect that I feel sharper when I take the supplements?

The study was done over a 5 year period people over 40 and under 60 years of age involving more than 83,000 people. In doing so they found no cognitive improvement for people using B vitamin supplements. Selenium had no effect on the incidence of dementia. Zinc and copper supplementation – no effect on overall cognitive function. Antioxidants: B-carotene, vitamin C or E had mixed results and were the most promising results for future results, but on their own shown no effective gains.

It seemed the article by Chocran did bounce between cognitive gains and prevention against dementia only to show the lack of effects. I think for now, I’ll keep taking my NeuroPeak everyday that I order on Amazon.

Source: https://www.cochrane.org/news/preventing-dementia-do-vitamin-and-mineral-supplements-have-role